Saturday. Was up just before 9 to get breakfast in. I was as quick as a fox getting the porridge and toast as the staff  were taking everything back into the kitchen. After my cleaning duties, I read for a while then rang Siyana before going to mass. She had just woken up. I asked her what she was up to. She wasn’t 100 per cent sure she said. She was going to book her tickets for Bulgaria.

About 2.40, my name was called out on reception. It was my Mam and Dad. We went for tea and a slice of banoffi cake in the restaurant. It was good to see them but I felt anxious at the same time. We talked about my nieces and nephews, how smart one brother’s kids were and how crazy the other one’s were.

“I might just do six weeks in here,” I said. “If I feel strong I will leave.”

“No stay for the twelve. It’s only twelve weeks,” my Mam said.

“Easy for you to say though. You’re not in here.”

Da didn’t say anything as usual. He drummed his fingers on the table and looked around in the absent way he does.

After the tea, my mam bought a few plants in the garden centre. We put them in the car and went into the coffee shop for another 15 mins. My Mam said her brother and sister were over from England and that she’s would be up again in two weeks.

I waved them off in the carpark. That was the difficult part, watching them go. I went into the TV room and watched the rest of the rugby match, Ireland v Scotland in the Six nations. That was the final match and Ireland ended up finishing 3rd.

I rang Siyana again before bed. She was sad that we were separated. But not more than me. It was lonely in here. Tomorrow we get our jobs, which will make the time go quicker.



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